Redesigning Organizational Learning and Development Programs: Challenges, Trends, and the New Norm

Author's Name:

Amir Dhia

University of Business and Technology, KSA

The study aimed to assess the influence of cultivating an optimal organizational culture, fostering a conducive environment, and implementing effective training programs on the learning, development, and career progression of employees. Employing a convenience sampling method, data were gathered from a sample of 244 participants, and statistical analysis was conducted using Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 29. The results of the investigation revealed a significant association between the establishment of an optimal culture, conducive environment, and effective training programs with the enhancement of employees' learning, development, and career advancement. These findings hold considerable significance in addressing gaps in the existing literature, contributing valuable insights to the field. Consequently, this research provides practical recommendations for policymakers and suggests potential avenues for future scholarly inquiry.

Keywords: Learning and Development, Talent Management, Human Capital, Artificial Intelligence, Business Management, Knowledge Society.