The Impact of Supply Chain Strategies on the Performance of Construction Companies: Moderating Effect of Institutional Support

Author's Name:

Mohamed Amer Mohamed

Department of Accounting/ Al-Hadi University College, Baghdad,10011, Iraq

Hasanain Ali Ismail Kalf

Al-Manara College for Medical Sciences/ (Maysan)/Iraq

Abdul Aziz Shwaish Abdul Hameed

Department of Accounting/ Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq University/ Iraq.

Ayad Abas Hasan

College of Media/ The Islamic university in Najaf, Iraq

Abdulhadi Salman Saleh

Department of Accounting/ Mazaya university college / Iraq.

Nada Sami Naser

Department of Arabic Language, College of Education, Sawa University, Almuthana, Iraq

Noor Qusai

Department of management/ Al-Nisour University College/Iraq

Sarmad Jaafar Naser

Collage of Nursing, National University of Science and Technology, Dhi Qar, 64001, Iraq.

The construction sector has emerged as a leading contributor to a nation's economic advancement, and the efficacy of its supply chain (SC) strategies significantly influences its performance. This facet warrants the attention of both upcoming researchers and policy makers. Therefore, this current paper investigates how SC strategies, including lean practices, agile practices, and hybrid approaches, affect the performance of construction firms in Iraq. Additionally, the study explores how institutional support moderates the relationship between these SC strategies and construction firm performance in the Iraqi context. Survey questionnaires were employed to collect primary data from the chosen participants in the research. The utilization of SPSS-AMOS was also employed to assess the dependability of the data and the connections between variables. The results highlighted a favorable correlation between lean, agile, and hybrid supply chain practices and the performance of construction firms within Iraq. Additionally, the findings revealed a noteworthy moderating influence of institutional support on the relationship between lean, agile, hybrid supply chain practices, and the performance of construction firms in the Iraqi context. These findings offer valuable insights for regulators as they formulate regulations aimed at enhancing the performance of the construction industry through the implementation of effective supply chain strategies.

Keywords: Lean supply chain practices, agile supply chain practices, hybrid supply chain practices, institutional support, construction firm performance.