Effects of Supply Chain Management Practices on 'SME's Performance: Examining Moderating Role of Firm Age

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Vimala Venugopal Muthuswamy

Business Administration Department, King Faisal University, Alhasa, Saudi Arabia

Mohammad Fudeil Ibrahim Al-ameryeen

College of Business, University Utara Malaysia, Sintok-Kedah, Malaysia

Many studies have examined the significance of excellent supply chain management in enhancing a company's success. Small and medium-sized businesses are essential to the growth and development of a nation. Consequently, this study aims to assess the impact of Saudi Arabian supply chain methods on firm performance. The moderating effect of firm age was accounted for. The study uses purposive sampling to acquire data from small and medium-sized business owners and managers in Saudi Arabia. The inclusion criteria required the company to be at least five years old. The data was examined using ANOVA and regression on the 302 replies that were complete. The findings reveal that supply chain practices have a substantial impact on the performance of a company. Hence, collaborative collaborations with suppliers and customers and efficient inventory management, planning, and e-procurement improve the performance of Saudi SMEs. In addition, the firm's age was a significant moderator between supply chain management methods and SME success. The findings contribute to the current body of knowledge and emphasize the application of effective supply chain management solutions for practitioners.

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