A project procurement model enabling competition by design concept by integrating performance-based assessment (PBA), process-based estimating (PBE), and cost network modeling (CNM) tools

Author's Name:

Ediz Yazicioglu

Istanbul Technical University, Graduate School, Turkey

Alaattin Kanoglu

Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University, Turkey

Handling the costs of vast and complicated construction projects has become a task that is more challenging than it was previously. Existing cost and time estimation approaches significantly impact clients and construction firms when cost and timing projections deviate significantly. Developing concepts such as "competition by design" enforce the performance-based assessment (PBA) method that pushes designers of the building and its subsystems to select new solutions that promote national research and development (R&D) activities in developing countries. Yet, this strategy necessitates more sophisticated, integrated, and inventive solutions in the project procurement processes, as contractors submit their designs rather than the client providing a single, unique design. This strategy significantly benefits customers, designers, contractors, and society, but it is inapplicable unless supported by components that function as an integrated system. None of the research and models in the literature comprehensively solve the challenge outlined above. This study presents a procurement model that enables the "competition by design" idea to serve the needs of all stakeholders in the construction industry by merging conceptual and practical components and tools. Throughout the construction of the proposed model, a "systems approach" was utilized. First, the problem and its constituents were investigated using the top-down method, and then the model was synthesized using the bottom-up method.

Keywords: Competition by Design, Construction Projects, Project Procurement Process, Performance-based Assessment, Process-Based Cost Estimating.