The Relationship among Team Skills and Competencies, Construction Risk Management and Supply Chain Performance with Moderating Effect of Government Laws Acts, and Policies: A Study from Iraq Construction Contractors

Author's Name:

Abbas Ali Sahib

College of Law / Ahl Al Bayt University / Kerbala / Iraq.

Abdulhaleem Mohammed

Department of law / Al-Hadba University College/Iraq

Rabaa M. Shaker

College of education / Medical Lab techniques; Al-Farahidi University /Iraq

Muqdad Hussein Ali

College of Media, department of journalism / The Islamic University in Najaf, Najaf, Iraq

Mohammad Drai Ahmed

The University of Mashreq / Baghdad / Iraq

Muhammad Abd Alhussien Shannan

Mazaya University College/ Iraq

The performance of the supply chain provides a complete view of how operations are running at each phase. This assists the organization in finding expansion opportunities. The performance of the supply chain is unstable due to improper construction risk management. Team skills and competencies are crucial aspects that might affect construction risk management and performance. Literature also indicates that government laws, acts, and policies influence supply chain performance in the building business. This study aims to analyze the moderating effect of government statutes, acts, and policies on the relationship between team skills and competencies, construction risk management, and supply chain performance in the Iraqi construction industry. Quantitative analysis was performed on the data acquired from 300 project managers using the approach of purposive sampling. The partial least Square (PLS)-Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) techniques indicate that team skills and competencies have a positive and significant impact on construction risk management and that construction risk management has a positive and significant impact on supply chain performance. The indirect mediating effect considerably impacts the relationship between team abilities and supply performance. Government laws act and policies significantly and positively affect the relationship between team skills and competencies and construction risk management but do not affect the relationship between construction risk management and supply chain performance. The current study could assist the project team in developing effective team skills and competencies among the contractor or project managers, thereby increasing their project commitment. Organizations need project managers with strong team skills and competencies to finish projects. Strong team skills and competencies significantly impact how the project team behaves, whereas inadequate skills and competencies reduce the project team's effectiveness. In addition, adequate government laws and policies should result in improved project performance.

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