Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Merging Profitability with Corporate Responsibility



Supply Chain Management, Merging Profitability, Corporate Responsibility, Top of Form sustainability, Iraq.


This increased emphasis on sustainability has led many researchers to review supply chain practices and research the relationship between sustainable initiatives and corporate performance. The current research examines a quantitative interrelationship between SSC practices and their concurrent impact on corporate profitability and social responsibility. By utilizing secondary data and the analytical features of SPSS, this study explores the intricacies of SSC operations in corporate settings. The study demonstrates a positive correlation between SSC practices and a significant increase in corporate profitability and responsibility, which indicates that sustainability is not only an ethical choice but also a profitable one. The study shows that the SSC practices applied by corporations lead to compliance with ESG standards and result in actual financial benefits. The following key findings highlight the vitality of sustainable practices in contemporary supply chains, as this implementation fosters the complete success of corporations. The study has far-reaching implications requiring a paradigm shift where sustainability becomes an integral part of business strategies, hence leading to economic growth for the purpose of environmental protection and social responsibility. The above research is in line with literature that views sustainability as a foundation of current business strategy and operational efficiency.