Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Organizational Culture Influence on Public-Private Partnership Risk Management in Construction Industry in Ghana



The organizational culture plays a significant role in many organizations, including the construction industry. The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement is considered a hub for providing infrastructure delivery in the construction industry. However, the quest to engage in PPP might be risky, necessitating developing a mechanism to address risk-related issues. Hence, the study determines confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) of organizational culture influences of PPP risk management in the Ghanaian construction industry. With the utilization of CFA, the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) extractor is employed to compress data to two pattern matrices. Using a questionnaire survey, 650 construction specialists certified 16 variables based on their knowledge and experience, derived from literature and a Delphi survey. The relationships between the 16 variables revealed that two factors that measure organizational culture in Ghana's PPP construction industry, management responsibility and worker responsibility, deal with corporate culture in PPP construction organizations in Ghana. The study's findings and recommendations may be valuable to industry stakeholders looking for new approaches to improve risk management in their building construction activities, particularly in PPP projects.